Publish your Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Automatically.

You add your RSS Feeds. We grab the content and post your RSS items to your favourite social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
Simple right?

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posts delivered to social accounts... Yep, that's pretty cool!

It's the best social media update service I've used. As a public relations professional, I find this program indispensable.. rss to social media

Fanatstic. Helps me keep up with my multiple work accounts on the go.

Essential tool for those responsible for managing their (personal or corporate) social media presence and interaction having Engator is a must.

Does exactly what it says quickly and efficiently. Best social media updater. I really enjoy the short link function & data stats that the app provides. Twitter automation on the go.

Just what I've been looking for - a great social media updater! Perfect to post to multiple networks. Simple and it just works. Only thing missing is G+ and that it more of a Google issue than the devs problem. A widget would be nice too, but not a requirement.

Share your stuff across all your social accounts.

Use Engator's top-ranked service to auto-publish your Blog Posts and maintain your Social Media presence.

1. Add your RSS Feeds.

Engator makes it easy to auto-submit your content to the top social networking websites. Just add your RSS Feeds and connect all your social accounts with Engator.

2. Put us to work.

We check for new content on your WordPress/Blogger site or any RSS feed and post to all your Twitter Profiles, Facebook Profiles & Fan Pages , Linkedin Profiles & Companies on your behalf.

3. Relax. (Yes, really!)

Whilst you enjoy the peace and quiet to concentrate on your work or simply to relax, we take care of the tedious stuff. That's right!

Automate your RSS - Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Do you want ...

... to save at least an hour a day and simplify your life?

Save your valuable time so you can concentrate working your business where it needs you most. Engator makes the world a better place and simplifies life for anyone that likes sharing content.

... to keep your accounts updated and get more Fans & Followers?

As any expert on web publishing will tell you, the single most important thing you have to do to not lose your regular readers/visitors is to post fresh content. So, keep them coming back with up-to-date information!

... to double your traffic from Social Media in 30 days?

Social media can drive more traffic to your website than any other channel. It's this very reason why social media is now an integral part of the modern marketing mix for businesses in any industry.

Popular features that will change your life

Find out why our users love Engator - the social media updater.

Auto-Post updates from RSS feeds

Any valid RSS feed can be added as a content source. Use the RSS feeds from your Blogs ( Wordpress, Blogger etc ), YouTube, Flickr ... even Pinterest!

Add multiple social networking accounts

Share easily to all your Twitter profiles, Facebook pages and profiles, Linkedin profiles and companies.

Customize your tweets and posts #appearance

Customize your post the way you want by just drag & drop. You control over how your posts appear on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Attach photos to your tweets and posts

Enhance your content and engage users with a visual connection to your headlines and text. Our system automatically detects images from your feed and embeds them into each tweet or post.

Shorten your URLs

Shorten your links using services like tinyURL, GoogleURL or bitly. Engator will make sure that your links are shortened whenever you post.

Control the sending frequency

When life takes you away from Facebook, don't let it take you away from your fans and friends. You control the frequency to post - any time of the day or night.

Google Analytics Tracking

You will be able to see how much traffic you get from social media posts directly inside your Google Analytics dashboard. You can easily customize the utm parameters for your links.

Sexy dashboard - Easy to use, user friendly

Engator's dashboard was built to be easily managed: No IT knowledge needed, no coding, no confusing or wasteful processes. Why don't you see for yourself?

Simple, efficient, and powerful.

Customize your tweets and messages the way you want by just drag & drop #awesome

16,040 bloggers & social media managers
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